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Hosted PBX System

Service Overview
WaveStreet’s Hosted PBX solution is a flexible and user-friendly system that combines a full featured PBX system along with carrier-grade phone service via your organization’s current internet connection. Using this solution enables organizations to quickly and easily manage their PBX needs. Our solution is perfect for multi-site deployments as it requires no special equipment other than an internet connection. Our system also allows the end user to self-manage their extension which can free up time for IT staff.


Save Money
WaveStreet’s Hosted PBX Service allows companies to save 40 percent or more compared to legacy and in-house PBX systems on the market. The service elimates the need to pay an outside phone technician to troubleshoot or manage issues, eliminate unnecessary hardware purchases for upgrades/expansions, and best of all we keep your system up to date for no additional cost while making your system obsolete-proof.


Save Time
Most traditional PBX systems whether legacy or VOIP require tremendous amount of planning, configuration, and execution time to make it functional. WaveStreet’s Hosted PBX System can get you started literally the same day.


Customize to Your Business
Our system allows companies to setup call handling and routing in a multitude of ways. Multi-site offices will appear as one system, but still allow separation of resources as required. You can create multiple auto-attendants so each location can have multiple call behaviors based on dial-in number, time of day, seasons/holidays, etc. All of the configurations can be executed via a web browser which means you can be anywhere there is an available internet connection to manage your enterprise from your smartphone or tablet.


Device Flexibility
You have the ability to decide if a user needs a desk phone, run from a smartphone/tablet, run from a computer softphone, or all three. Each user extension can have up to eight devices connected so there is huge flexibility in how a user can communicate with your organization and the outside world.


WaveStreet’s technical team provides 24/7 support to help manage your system. We provide a complete training for your system administrators on-site. We also provide management services free-of-charge in the event your organizations IT resources are overloaded.


Click here to download our Hosted PBX Datasheet